DAS 1.6 in Dazzle

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DAS 1.6 Development and Tutorials

Dazzle Example Adaptor

Below is an example adaptor plugin for the Dazzle DAS server. It follows the 1.6 spec and is compliant with the DAS Registry.

Subversion develpment repository http://www.derkholm.net/svn/repos/dazzle/branches/16Dazzle See class org.biojava.servlets.dazzle.datasource.SimpleFile16ExampleSource for a datasource that conforms to the new 1.6 Spec.

<datasource id="test16genes" jclass="org.biojava.servlets.dazzle.datasource">
     <string name="name" value="16 File Test" />
     <string name="description" value="Data source for testing 1.6 heirachy structure" />
     <string name="version" value="1.0" /> 
     <string name="fileName" value="test16genes.txt" />

     <string name="stylesheet" value="test16.style" />

Note: Older style adapters/datasources can be used in the new 16Dazzle and will be converted to the new 1.6 specification (you may need to add a allTypes method). However you will miss out on some of the advantages of the new spec if you update your source by this method rather than extending one of the new 16 classes.

The new Dazzle implements the single Data Source sources.xml request: blah/das/myDataSourceName. The current implementation relies on on a valid sources.xml document being available and then parses the appropriate section from this document in response to a request.