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DAS Registry: Publishing and Discovery of DAS Servers

The DAS registration server at www.dasregistry.org provides a repository where people can publish and share their DAS data sources (i.e., server locations and available data) with the community.

The DAS/1 and DAS/2 specifications do not define how to publish or discover DAS data sources (servers). Due to the success of DAS/1 and the large number of sources that are spread around the world it is not easy to keep track of these.

The DAS registry provdies a Web interface so users can search for available DAS/1 data sources. For DAS-clients, an XML interface is available that allows a programmatic way to retrieve data source listings, and several DAS clients now make use of this.

A cut-down static mirror of the main programmatic Registry responses is available here:

The mirror is updated at midnight (UK time).

For more info on this please see the documentation.

Installing local version of DAS registry

Some very rough DAS registry installation notes on Gregg Helt's attempts to get a local installation of the DAS registry running, and modifications to the registry code to support a merged DAS1/DAS2 registry.


Currently, the DasRegistry does not support DAS/2 services.

As a temporary fix, download the 'das2Registry.xml' file from the GenoViz Project, add an entry, and email it back to GenoViz or BioDas. If you have access to the GenoViz SVN, modify it directly.