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Proposed DAS2 Features and Services

We are currently collecting RFCs for DAS2. The first phase is feature requests to define the scope of the DAS2 specification, and is expected to last through September 2001.

Anyone is invited to post an RFC. To do so, send a message to the DAS mailing list (das@ebi.ac.uk) with the subject line "RFC: ". Your RFC will be numbered and posted here.

To reply to an RFC, please join the mailing list as described on the main page.

RFCs Received

Author: Thomas Down
Date: Various
Thomas proposes recasting DAS as a series of web-based services using industry-standard technology such as WSDL, UDDI, and DAML+OIL. Also see XFF format.

RFC 1: A coordinate mapping service for DAS/2
Author: Lincoln Stein
Date: 13 Aug 2001
Lincoln proposes two types of coordinate mapping services for projecting one assembly onto another.

RFC 2: A Registry Service for DAS2 services
Author: Brian Gilman
Date: 13 Aug 2001
Brian proposes a service in which new annotation servers can register themselves with a central registry.

RFC 3: InterService links in DAS/2
Author: Ewan Birney
Date: 14 Aug 2001
Ewan proposes a mechanism which allows one annotation to link to another, for example, an expression pattern that links to a gene, rather than to a location on the genome.

RFC 4: Annotation ontologies for DAS/2
Author: Thomas Down
Thomas proposes a controlled vocabulary for feature types using a hierarchical structure.

RFC 5: DAS Caching
Author: Matthew Pocock
Matthew requests a caching service to accelerate performance across slow network links.

RFC 6: Digital signatures for DAS/2
Author: Matthew Pocock
Matthew makes the case for a digital signature system to prevent "DAS spam".

RFC 7: Segmental mapping for DAS/2
Authors: Thomas Down, Matthew Pocock
A different angle on the comparative mapping problem. (Also see rfc001).

RFC 8: DAS Visualization Server
Author: Alex Rolfe <arolfe@genome.wi.mit.edu>
Alex proposes to separate the stylesheet functionality from the annotation server by providing a separate "visualization server" service.

RFC 9: DASBED Format
Author: Jim Kent
Jim proposes a replacement for DASGFF which is both denser and better defined.

RFC 10: Normalizing groups
Author: Lincoln Stein
Lincoln claims that normalized groups are better than denormalized ones.

RFC 11: SOAP as the standard transport encapsulation for DAS/2 messages
Author: Thomas Down
Thomas recommends that SOAP be used as the standard transport mechanism for DAS/2.

RFC 12: Queryability of data in DAS/2
Author: Thomas Down
Thomas makes the controversial proposal that DAS provide real query facilities.

RFC 13: A Web Services Description of DAS
Author: Brian King
Brian publishes of SOAP/WSDL description of DAS.

RFC 14: Hierarchical Features
Author: Zhihong Zhang
An evolution of DAS/1 that improves handling of sequences and hierarchical features.

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